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Liz Davenport

By Nancy Salem
of the Albuquerque Tribune

The most valuable real estate in town isn’t in High Desert or along Rio Grande. It’s on your desk.

In a standard cubicle, it’s roughly 20 square feet. It’s your workday stage: your phone, Rolodex, coffee mug, books, pencils, plants, calendar, in box, files, memos, projects.

And, if you’re like most people, it’s a mess. “Any system will break down under sheer volume,” says Liz Davenport, the Albuquerque author of “Order From Chaos.” “And most of us have not designed a system to deal with the amount of stuff we face.” The average businessperson gets 190 requests for his or her time each day, Davenport says. That includes e-mail, snail mail, voice mail, phone calls, cell calls, pages and face-to-face dialogue. Those interactions leave trails of paper because there’s too much to remember.

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Small Office Needing Liz Davenport's Organizing 6 Step System


Can't Wait to See Liz Davenport on Oprah...
Last month I attend a seminar "Order from Chaos-The Cockpit Office". Over the span of my 22 years with CNM, I have attended many seminars. Liz Davenport's presentation was the best that I have ever attended! She held everyone's attention and, unlike previous seminars, the time flew by much too quickly.

Her bright tips on how to organize and reorganize at home and at the office were, down to earth, inexpensive, and clever. The information was not forgotten when arriving back at my office. I have shared many of her time saving tips with coworkers and friends. As a result, It is time to do my taxes and for the first time my paper work is organized!

Others were sorry they had not attended when they heard what a great time we had at this seminar. And, she made us all forget that it was 7:30am!

I can't wait to see Liz Davenport on Oprah.

~ Linda Keever, Admin. Support Specialist, Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque NM

By Polly Summar
of the Albuquerque Journal

Liz Davenport has five cats, two dogs, 10 finches, four hens and a rooster. The walls in her North Valley home and office range from shades of cantaloupe to chartreuse, and a china cabinet stuffed to the gills sits next to her desk.

This does not seem like the home of an organizational consultant — someone dedicated to getting rid of clutter and creating order from chaos. It seems much too warm and cozy and alive. But Liz Davenport is living proof that unruly creative types can get organized, and she wants to spread the gospel.

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Disorganized? Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Your ideas are really helping me to stop procrastinating...
Thank you for your book. I have just finished reading it for the second time and my cleaning lady is waiting for her turn. Excellent ideas, very well presented. I am a self-employed dog groomer and cat breeder, plus having an old house to take care of, property, family, home cooking, etc., so you can imagine my "to do" list. Your ideas are really helping me to stop procrastinating (because each days "list" is not so long) and actually get things done.

I am interested in your next book, the one for students.


~ Tracey Semchison, Natureworks Bengals & Pixie-Bobs, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada

By Lynn Ruth Miller

Do not squander time, For that’s the stuff life is made of.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Eight a.m. Monday morning. You arrive early at the office so you can get that letter out to the big account in Denver. That’s the one you meant to do on Friday but the telephone rang off the hook and then you had that big presentation to send to the client in Monterey that couldn’t wait any longer.

 You grab a cup of coffee and sit down at your desk. The folder with all the information in it was right next to your in- box when you finally got out of the office at seven o’clock Friday night. You reach for it, but...

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Efficient, productive clean desk
Is YOUR desk this clean?


Your Getting Organized [System] Has Helped Me More Than I Ever Imagined...
Your 3 step process to getting organized has helped me more than I ever imagined. I can't thank you enough for sharing your system with me and all of the other ladies that were in attendance.

The only piece of paper I keep on my desk now is a printed copy of the three step process which is my constant reminder to stay organized. I've become flustered a time or two since returning to work, but then realized it was because I didn't have something in the ATC that needed to be there. I even convinced my boss that I need a bigger office with more desk space.

Thank you very much!

~ Carolyn Gauthier, PPAI

Professional Organizer Cleans Up With Her Business
 By Wende Schwingendorf
of the Albuquerque Journal

Elizabeth Davenport is the master of disaster.

As owner of Order from Chaos, she uses organizing techniques and a little bit of psychology to clean the clutter that plagues desks, office spaces and minds.

Ever since she was a child Davenport said she was an organizer. Her mother, a former secretary to Gen. Douglas MacArthur during World War II, attired her in frilly white dresses that stayed spotless. Her father, who used to run Post Exchange stores on military bases, was also an organized person.

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Professional Organizer - Cleaning Up
Organize YOUR office for maximum Efficiency!

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