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Organizing Resources to Help YOU Create
"Order" from YOUR "Chaos"!

  • Fifteen percent of daily interruptions are truly worth a worker’s time.
  • Ninety-five percent of everything you have saved for over six months can be thrown away.

These resources can get YOU organized, more efficient and more productive!

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Order from Chaos, by Liz Davenport
A 6-Step Plan for Organizing Yourself,
Your Office and Your Life.  (224 pages)
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  Order from Chaos for Students, by Liz Davenport
A 5-Step Plan for Organizing Yourself,
Your School Work and Your Life. (102 pages)
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  Six Steps to Organization - DVD
The perfect solution for your company - the Order from Chaos© video training tape. Now everybody can learn about the full 6-steps as if Liz were right there speaking to your people.
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140 min DVD
  Six Steps to Organization - CD (3 CDs)
Can't make it to a 6-week class? This is the full 6-step, 6-week class on CD. Includes the detailed checklist for each week!

Do this with a friend to increase your success potential!
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  Organize Yourself and Your Office - CD
You will forget 97% of what you read/hear in less than a week.
The solution? This 1-hour refresher course perfect for anyone who had read the book or taken my 6-week class. It is a brief (but funny) overview of the six step plan for organizing yourself, your office and your life.
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1 Hr Audio CD
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Order from Chaos, by Liz Davenport

"In [Order from Chaos], you become your own pilot and your office is the cockpit. The aeronautical terminology used throughout the book actually puts an interesting spin on a logical system to reorganize behavior. Davenport goes beyond mere organization, prompting readers to examine their daily habits, which can be the root of organizational problems." ~ Booklist

"[Order from Chaos] offers specific practical suggestions to those who feel overwhelmed by physical and mental clutter. [Davenport] teaches readers how to distinguish trash from necessities, organize their desktops, keep their planners manageable and many more time - and mental health-saving devices." ` Publishers Weekly

"[Order From Chaos] is the best selling book in the store".
~ James from Bound To Be Read bookstore

Order from Chaos for Students, by Liz Davenport

Order from Chaos for Students is for every creative, right-brained, disorganized student.

  • Forget to take completed homework to class?
  • Lose things that were just here?
  • Live by the sticky note method?

There is not one student – from middle school to MBA – who will not benefit from this straightforward, easy to use plan.

The "Order from Chaos" 6 Step System:

  • Fifteen percent of daily interruptions are truly worth a worker’s time.

  • Ninety-five percent of everything you have saved for over six months can be thrown away.

We’re brimming with cell phones, pagers, laptops, handheld computers, and other electronic organizers, and we still can’t bring our rented videos back to the video store on time. In ORDER FROM CHAOS, organizational guru Liz Davenport offers a simple six-step plan for getting our work and home lives in order.

This invaluable book uses the metaphor of an airplane’s cockpit to act as the center from which all of your organizational activity occurs. Each step should be executed over the course of one week as follows:

Step 1 - Create the “Cockpit Office,” a space where you have only the essential tools necessary to do your work.

Step 2 - Create an “Air Traffic Control” system that is one system for handling your appointments, to-do’s, and important notes, one day at a time.

Step 3 - Create a “Pending File” to hold papers that require action at a later date, marked with the dates and actions needed on them.

Step 4 - Make Decisions on items as they come in. Don’t put them off until later.

Step 5 - Prioritize Ongoingly and constantly measure the importance of tasks you prioritized for the day against the random calls, faxes, and e-mails that come in.

Step 6 - Plan Your Day, End Your Day, Clean Off Your Desk at the End of the Day. “Plan Your Day,” means to start your day by reviewing your daily calendar for what you have to do today.

“End Your Day,” means to review your “to-do” list for that day and check off the tasks that are completed, reschedule any tasks that are still incomplete and have closure for your day. “Clean Off Your Desk at the End of the Day” means just that!



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